Nursing Law

A.S. Nursing & Welfare provides homecare services in the framework of the
National Insurance Nursing Law.

The procedure to receiving Nursing Service Benefits

1Contacting UsContacting E.S. Nursing & Welfare and making an appointment with one of our professional staff in the patient's home or at a branch office, to receive information, instruction and assistance in filling out necessary forms.
2Placing a Request with the National Insurance An application form must be filled out and given to the branch of the National Insurance in the area of residence.
3Placement of a Caregiver from E.S. NursingPlacement of a caregiver from E.S. Nursing – free care until receipt of Nursing Law approval.
4Nurse's VisitApproximately two weeks after application, a visit by a nurse on behalf of the National Insurance for the purpose of checking and assessing function ability. Please note: It is recommended that a family member be present during the nurse's visit (This must be explicitly noted on the application form)
5DecisionThe National Insurance's decision regarding approval/deferral of the request and the level of the benefit (received by mail after one month)
6Social Worker's VisitA visit by a social worker from Welfare Services to decide on the desired care.
7Approval of Request Receipt of approval of the benefit from the National Insurance