Foreign Caregiver

Someone in the family needs nursing care and you need help? Can’t decide between a foreign or Israeli caregiver?
Looking for professional nursing care? You’ve come to the right place! A.S. Nursing & Welfare will find the most suitable caregiver to answer your needs.
Call 073-7579003 and receive a professional and courteous response 24 hours a day!.S. Nursing supplies various nursing services, among them:

A.S. Nursing supplies various nursing services, among them:
Providing professional foreign caregivers
Assistance in receiving recognition of the need for nursing assistance and receiving a permit to employ a foreign worker
Assistance to holocaust survivors
In-hospital supervision
Referrals to nursing homes

How to Choose a Foreign Caregiver?

Comes the time when a loved-one needs assistance, when they’re no longer able to perform part of the basic functions, such as dressing, preparing food or bathing. The National Insurance has recognized them to be in need of nursing care and you have received a permit to employ a foreign caregiver.

Choosing a foreign caregiver is not a simple matter. It’s important to choose the right person for the job. Remember, they’re going to be caring for a dear loved-one and you want to be sure that they are reliable, patient and caring. First, make sure there’s communication between the nursing patient and the caregiver. We employ foreign caregivers who speak several languages, such as Russian, Arabic and Romanian and, of course, Hebrew. Make sure the foreign caregiver has received the proper training, in his homeland or in Israel. After having started, it is important for the company to assist the caregiver in integrating in the best way possible, while at thesame time providing supervision. In addition, it is advantageous to have back-up – if the caregiver takes a holiday or is sick, the nursing company should be able to supply a suitable substitute.

Don’t hesitate!

If you’re looking for a company that answers all these criteria, you can stop looking. A.S. Nursing & Welfare is one of the oldest company’s in Israel dealing with foreign workers and their placement. The company has been operating for 28 years with 25 branches throughout the country. A.S.. Nursing & Welfare provides foreign caregivers that have been trained in nursing services. The foreign caregivers employed by the company are skilled, professional, from different countries speaking several languages. The company will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits until you find the foreign caregiver of your satisfaction.

It is necessary to obtain a permit for the employment of a foreign caregiver. To view the criteria necessary for obtaining that permit