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A.S Nursing & Healthcare solutions

א.ש סיעוד
א.ש סיעוד

A.S Nursing & Healthcare solutions

א.ש סיעוד

We will help you find an
Israeli or foreign therapist

That suits your needs

א.ש סיעוד

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  • The Nursing Law is a law that takes care of the well-being of the elderly and allows the elderly with disabilities to receive nursing services on a daily basis.
  • Operated since 1988 by the National Insurance Institute, the HMOs and the municipal welfare services.
  • Elderly people who are entitled to the Nursing Law can receive nursing help and assistance in day-to-day activities such as: bathing, dressing, food preparation and household management (not thorough cleaning).
  • The benefit is given to each citizen and resident according to certain criteria at no additional cost on the part of the beneficiary.
  • Resident of Israel, at retirement age: men aged 67 and over and women aged 62 and over.
  • Elderly person living in the community: at home or in sheltered housing.
  • An elderly person whose income is not exceeding the amount stipulated by law.
  • An elderly person who does not receive a disability pension.
  • An elderly person who is undergoing Social Security checks as someone who largely needs the help of another person in carrying out daily activities (clothing, bathing, eating, handling secretions, accompaniment, etc.).
  • A caregiver, who comes to the patient’s home and provides assistance with personal care and home maintenance.
  • Day center for the elderly.
  • Monthly supply of disposable absorbent products.
  • Hotline and distress button services.
  • laundry services.

The elderly and their families are often required
for immediate care and assistance.
Pre-nursing service is the provision of assistance by a caregiver to an elderly person in parallel with the application process and even before receiving the approval for eligibility for the Nursing Law. The service is provided free of charge by the patient and is designed to facilitate and assist the elderly and their family during this period.

  • Eligibility for the benefit and its scope are determined by a professional from the National Insurance Institute in a personal examination at the applicant’s home, the purpose of which is to examine the degree of dependence and the need for assistance.
  • Depending on the test results, it is determined whether the subject is entitled to a benefit and to what extent.
  • When the applicant has a temporary limitation in function (following surgery, accident, etc.) a temporary eligibility is determined.

In some cases, the benefit will be approved for a limited time due to the Social Security assessment that the need for assistance is temporary.

Those aged 80 and over will be reassessed automatically towards the end of the eligibility period, in order to determine whether they need further assistance. Beneficiaries under the age of 80 who wish to continue receiving assistance should proactively apply for a re-examination.

  • In order to receive a nursing benefit, an application must be submitted to the National Insurance Institute.

    The application forms can be obtained directly at all branches of the National Insurance Institute or through the National Insurance website

    Click here to print the application<

  • When filling out the forms, the applicant’s functional status and functional difficulties should be specified and an opinion from the attending physician and certificates of income attached.
  • After filling in the details, the form must be handed in to the claims clerk at the National Insurance Institute or through a person representing the elderly person.

An elderly person whose application for a nursing benefit has been rejected by the National Insurance Institute may file an appeal to the Appeals Committee of the National Insurance Institute.

Those who are not entitled to a nursing benefit from the National Insurance Institute and are still interested in receiving help services at home, can purchase hours of help and nursing privately. The service can be ordered for a number of daily hours as needed and for short and / or long periods of time.

The Holocaust Survivors’ Welfare Fund operates a number of assistance programs for Holocaust survivors that meet the criteria set by the foundation.

Further details can be obtained on the website of the Welfare Fund for Holocaust Victims in Israel (registered association).
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Elderly people who receive assistance as part of a nursing benefit are entitled if they are hospitalized to receive the nursing services for 30 days in the hospital. A caregiver or private nurse will come to care for an elderly person at the hospital within the hours they are entitled to Social Security.

The help and assistance provided by the caregiver includes, among others:

  • clothing.
  • eating.
  • bathing.
  • Personal hygiene care.
  • Replacement of absorbent products and bedding.
  • Mobility at home and abroad.
  • supervision

Help in managing the household includes the following actions, provided that they are in accordance with the customer’s needs:

  • Arranging the house.
  • sweeping.
  • Wiping dust.
  • Washing floors
  • Basic maintenance of kitchen cleanliness.
  • Hygienic cleaning of the bathroom and toilet.
  • Cooking while adjusting to the nutritional status.
  • Light hand washing or machine washing.
  • Ironing.
  • Shopping and arrangements outside the home.
  • The above assistance will be given to you for the purpose of addressing the current needs of the customer.
  • The cleaning and tidying operations will be performed in the rooms of the house where the patient is staying: in the kitchen, in the dining area, in the bathroom, toilet, bedroom
  • The cleaning operations do not include thorough work such as: cleaning windows, shutters, walls, thorough cleaning of the oven, moving heavy furniture, etc.

Help with medication

The caregiver may assist in taking the medications prescribed to the elderly by the attending physician

And prepared for the therapist in advance.

  • Mention / or to serve the medication as needed.
  • Serve a glass of water to take the medicine.
  • “Technical” help: to serve the medicine to you, bring it closer to your mouth, help in the correct position that will make it easier to take the medicine, cross the tablet, etc.
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