A.S. Nursing Welfare

provides nursing services for those entitled to Nursing Law benefits across the country. The company is authorized by the National Insurance, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Social Affairs & Social Services, the Ministry of Defense and the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims.

Nursing Services – A.S. Nursing Welfare

The company was founded in 1984 and is one of the largest and leading companies in the field of nursing and homecare services

A.S. Nursing Welfare operates 25 branches across the country

A.S. ONE, a corporation of foreign nursing personnel – our subsidiary, employing thousands of foreign caregivers who speak all languages, in the homes of the elderly.

Contact us and together we will cope, with dignity and not alone.

A.S. Nursing Welfare assists and cares for thousands of the elderly and the ill on a personal level in their homes, thanks to an experienced and professional management staff and thousands of foreign workers, who regard their work as a mission.

The welfare of the elderly and the quality of the service is the heart of the company.

A.S Nursing Welfare is a subsidiary of Natali Healthcare Services Group which is  a subsidiary of  Sanpower Group, since 2014.

Sanpower Group is a conglomerate whose core business engagements are within the technology and modern service industries. Sanpower Group offers a singular global platform for its five primary subsidiary investment sector-groups: Finance, Retail, Information Services, Medical Service & Health Care, and Real Estate.

The Group owns a diverse portfolio of listed companies including Hiteker (600122.SH), Nanjing Cenbest (600682.SH), IDT International (0167.HK), Mecox Lane (NASDAQ:MCOX) as well as key privately held enterprises such as House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone (US), and Natali (Israel) and so on.

Please follow the link http://en.sanpowergroup.com/about/enter.html for more information if needed.